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Our fantastic, highly qualified team are based full time at our two Budapest practices. You can choose to have your consultation and aftercare at our practice in London or at one of our two practices in Budapest.

All of our dentists have extensive experience treating British and Irish patients.


Gabi Nyiri

Dr Gabriella Nyíri
Chief Dentist, General Dentist, Aesthetic Dentist, Endodontic Specialist

Graduating from Semmelweis University in 1998 she joined Access Smile as our Chief Dentist in 2008. She works at both our Budapest and Dublin Clinics. Dr Nyíri is affiliated with the Hungarian Society of Endodontics. Hungarian Chamber of Dentistry, European Society of Endodontics, British General Dental Council and the Irish Dental Council.

She speaks English and Russian.

Zsolt Nemeth

Dr Zsolt Németh
Oral Surgeon

He graduated as a General Practitioner from the Semmelweis Medical University in Budapest in 1988 and followed this with degrees in Dentistry in 1992 and Oral Surgery in 1995. Dr Németh joined Access Smile in 2008 and became a Fellow of the European Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons in 2010.

He speaks English, German and Russian.

Agnes Terenyi

Dr Ágnes Terenyi
Oral Surgeon

Graduating from the Dental Facility at Szeged Medical University in 2003, Dr Terenyi became a Dentoalveoral Specialist in 2006 dealing in the treatment of diseases of the teeth, soft tissue, and the jawbone. Since then she has spent her career specialising in complex implant cases. Dr Terenyi joined Access Smile in 2010 and works at our Budapest, London and Dublin clinics.

She speaks English, German and Italian.

Judit Tajti

Dr Judit Tajti
General Dentist, Aesthetic Dentist and Endodontics

Following graduation from the University of Medicine in Debrecen, Hungary, Dr Tatji studied and worked in the UK, South Africa and Austria before joining Access Smile in 2010. She currently works in our clinics in Budapest, London and Dublin.

She speaks English and German.

Livia Mathe

Dr Lívia Máthé
General Dentist, Aesthetic Dentist

Graduating as Doctor of Dentistry in 2012 from Semmelweis University Dr Máthé continued with a three year postgraduate residency programme in Conservative and Prosthodontics Dentistry joining Access Smile in 2011. She works at both our Budapest and London clinics.

She speaks English and German.

Reka Szabo

Dr Reka Szabo

Graduating from Semmelweis University in 1999 she studied at the Polyclinic of Orthodontics at the University of Munich in the Jaw Orthopedics and Orthodontics Department. Dr Szabo worked at Pál Heim Children's Hospital before joining Access Smile in 2008. She works at our Budapest Clinic.

She speaks English and German

Maria Csorba
Chief Dental Assistant
Laura Lencse
Dental Hygienist
Brigitta Fegyveres
Dental Hygienist


Timea Pok Gizella Gerner

Timea Pok
Dental Hygienist

Gisella Gerner
Dental Assistan


Our Support Team in Budapest

Adrienn Sebok Martin Abadi

Adrienn Sebok
Travel Coordinator

Martin Abadi
Customer Service Manager


Orsi Hepp Margo Gulyas Dorsa Besenyei
Orsi Hepp
Office Manager
Margo Gulyas
Dora Besenyei


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