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Give yourself peace of mind and have your Initial Consultation in Manchester

Naturally, you want to make sure your treatment is in good hands, that you are dealing with highly trained, professional people and that you feel totally comfortable throughout the experience.

Have your initial consultation in Manchester

If you are thinking of having dental treatment abroad because you are attracted by the low prices but realise it's still a big decision to make, why not book your initial consultation with our dentist in Manchester.

Access Smile - The leaders of overseas dental services

Access Smile has been organising dental trips to Budapest from the UK and Ireland since 2004. We are recognised as the leaders in overseas dental services and are the most experienced dentistry practice in Hungary providing dental treatments for foreign patients.

“I want to thank all of your valued team from the bottom of my heart for helping me so much, looking after me and taking me seriously when so many dentists haven't in the UK.”
Julie Bowden, Manchester

What are the risks in dealing with an agent and not the owner?

Many overseas dental treatments providers are agents, you are a commodity brokered for a profit. Not that there is anything wrong with profit but what happens if something does go wrong? Access Smile clinics are wholly owned and managed by Access Smile, this is why the level of aftercare support is unsurpassed and beyond that of any other dentist practice we know in either Hungary or the UK.

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FREE Dental Guide
FREE Dental Guide

Everything you need to know about Dentistry in Budapest. Where to go, what to do and the best time to plan your trip.

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