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You may have great teeth but you can still be unhappy with your smile, ‘Smile Design’ is exactly what it says, you choose the smile you want. 

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What makes a great smile?

Your face is unique, the look you desire will be as individual as you are and although there are predictable scientific formulae, the job of a cosmetic dentist is very different to those practicing in most general family practices. This is because, unlike most dentists who are driven by the technical aspects of their work, like fixing teeth, a cosmetic dentist must have a passion for the beautiful.

If you aren’t totally sure what look you are after, our cosmetic dentists can advise on the style which will best suit your look and aspirations. Plus with the Access Smile, we actually ‘model your smile on you’ - so you can ‘try before you buy!’

Try before you buy!

During your initial smile design consultation, our expert cosmetic dentist will first seek to understand the look you really want. They will go over all of the factors which influence it, specific to your characteristics. This means you work with the dentist to design your perfect smile. Then, once agreed, they will create your new smile with temporary solutions (wax up models, temporary veneers, temporary crowns). Which means you can now try the proposed design in your own mouth. These temporaries can be modified to your exact requirements and the changes will be duplicated in the finished restorations.

So, the final decision is still yours and only when you are happy with your new smile does the permanent treatment start.

You really do 'try before you buy'!

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